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Speaking Profits Avalanche

Speaking Profits Avalanche
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Speaking Profits Avalanche

The Complete Master Plan For Maximizing Your Profits, Business and Reputation Through... Speaking

Make A Fortune As A Speaker

Here's a quick peek at what you'll discover:
•Dominate the stage by building your confidence with practice - knowing your topic inside and out is the first step to greater self confidence.
 •Overthrow those negative self-talk that threatens to freeze you in your tracks and jeopardize your dream of an ultra successful speaking career.
 •Differentiate yourself with a strong skill set that will set you apart from other speakers and get hold of the best weapon against nervousness.
 •How to dazzle people with a successful presentation that make them want to come back for more.
 •Defeat the fear that holds you back from achieving your fullest potential - the biggest myth that will kill your new career even before it begins.
 •How to craft a great opening guaranteed to get your audience eyes glued to your presentation from start to finish.
 •Unlock the secrets of how to change your mindset so that you can let go of your self consciousness which might cripple you from achieving your full potential onstage.
 •The simple step you can take to realise the irrationality of the fear of being judged and what to do about it to avoid killing your speaking career even before you begin it.
 •How, just by clinching your first speaking gig, you'll find more and more opportunities begin to present themselves! First you need to know where to find them...
 •Learn how you can overcome the fear that holds you back from achieving success in a speaking career. You'll be in for a surprise when you see how easy it is!

This Includes:
•Sales Website
 •PowerPoint Slides
 •PSD Layered Source Graphics
 •Videos In AVI, MP4 Format
 •Adobe Media Player (F4V) Formatted Videos
 •Individual Web Ready Flash Videos
 •Theater "All-In-One" Web Video Version
 •Ipad Ready Videos
 •Ipod Ready Videos
 •Iphone Ready Videos
 •Audios In MP3 Format
 •14 Flat CDs Centered, 14 CDs Left Turned, 14 Left Tilted CDs, 14 Flat Right Turned CDs, 14 Right Tilted CDs, 14 Standing CDs, 14 DVD Boxes, 14 Box And CD Combos, 14 Combo Shots

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