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Responsive Offline Deals

Responsive Offline Deals
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Responsive Offline Deals
Discover How To Get Your Foot In The Door And Have Offline Businesses Begging You To Help Them Without Having To Sell
Unless you've been under a rock these last few years, you would know that the next dot com boom, 2.0 or golden opportunity right now is to help local businesses market their products and services.
The offline market is lucrative for an online marketer because many offline businesses are looking for someone to help increase their conversions and marketing technologies. More and more companies are realizing that they have to go online in order to survive, but are frustrated with the latest great technologies. This big need will allow you to tap into offline business markets that will beg you for your help.
Many companies have a bad perception of certain terms and feel like marketers are out to get them. In many cases it's not that the company has been scammed, it is because of other things like their website or business that is not converting their leads.
So, I am telling you this to open your eyes to other avenues. A company has more needs than just traffic. It's both traffic and conversions.
In essence, companies aren't looking for the latest and greatest marketing tip. They're looking for something that works for their business.
Sure, there are tons of video training courses and manuals on what kinds of services to provide to offline businesses. This is great, but how about selling and closing deals?
I had to figure this out so you don't have to.
This video series was made for online marketers who want to close deals with offline businesses. It is not about trying to provide SEO services to offline businesses.
This step by step, 7 part video series takes you by the hand and shows you how to close deals without selling.
Here's a list of this 7 part video series:
Video 01 - Introduction To Creating Responsive Offline Deals 
Video 02 - Know The Objections And Complaints Beforehand
Video 03 - Start With Conversions, Then Traffic
Video 04 - Where To Find Potential Responsive Companies
Video 05 - Getting Your Foot In The Door
Video 06 - Outsourcing Your cConversions Materials, Ads, etc. 
Video 07 - Avoid Positioning Yourself As A Cheap Service 
This Includes:
Sales Website And Thank You Pages
Video Demo To Increase Sales Conversions
PSD Source Graphics
Web Ready Flash Videos
Theater "All-In-One" Web Video Version
Adobe Media Player (F4V) Videos
iPad Ready Videos
iPhone Ready Videos
iPod Ready Videos
Audios In MP3 Format
140 Ecovers And Graphics
14 Ecover Boxes, 14 Flat CDs, 14 Lifted CDs, 14 Standing CDs, 14 Standing Paperback Ecovers, 14 Flat Paperback Ecovers, 14 DVD Box And CD Combo Shots, 14 DVD Boxes, 14 DVDs In Sleeves, 14 Combo Shots 
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[YES] Can Be Added to monthly Paid MEMBERSHIP or Training SITES
[YES] Can Put Your Name on the Sales Page
[YES] Can Sell Resale Rights (Does not relate to PLR, meaning your Customers can resell the video as is...)
[YES] You can stamp your name on the videos, but you cannot sell PLR.
[NO] Can Offer In Firesales
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[NO] Can Offer These Videos in Firesales if there are more than 5 products.
[NO] Can Sell Master Resale Rights to videos as is.
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