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How To Be A Gigolo

How To Be A Gigolo
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How To Be A Gigolo

This book will tell you some of the secrets below...

Secrets that can give you the "little-known" skills, techniques, and psychological tactics of...

How to turn yourself into the kind of man that women are magnetically drawn to, so they will want to spend time with -- even happily pay you for it!

How and where to find, and attract, only the wealthy, well-to-do women so that you get top dollar for your time - and they won't even think twice about what it costs them!

How to get into the minds and hearts of these women so that they become addicted to you. (You will learn to easily make them feel the way no other man ever has, so that you will be the one they call when they need a "fix" that nothing else can cure.)

How to stop wasting your money buying drinks, expensive dinners, flowers or any of that crap...and let them pay for everything for a change! (Isn't that far better than spending your time and money on women, just so you can get rejected, strung-along or bossed around for no reason?)

How to use these secrets to "date" more women than you ever have before... IF you don't want to get paid to attract them and make them feel amazing.

And that's just some of what you're going to discover...about this "hidden," secretive world that most people are clueless about!

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