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Irish Crochet And How To Make It

Irish Crochet And How To Make It
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Irish Crochet And How To Make It

How to bring back a dying art while providing wonderful crocheted pieces for pleasure and profit

In this detailed, 75 page manual you'll learn…
Which materials are proper to use when creating your Irish crochet pieces.

Explanation and abbreviations of stitches used.

How to crochet the basic stitches used in most of your patterns.

How to make simple motifs that are created just for beginners.

How to crochet wonderful backings that can be used to join your motifs to make wonderful clothing and other delicate items.

How to join motifs in an attractive fashion.

How to make beadings that can be used to decorate pre existing articles of clothing, pillowcases, tablecloths and bedspreads.

How to crochet medallions of pure elegance, that are so pleasing to the eyes that others will be shocked to see that crochet is more than just plain old granny squares.

Take everything you have learned throughout the manual, and apply these techniques to create a wonderful opera bag purse that is so beautiful that others will hardly believe that you made it yourself!

With over 100 patterns for motifs, medallions, beadings, backings and projects, you'll find that you have plenty to keep you busy crocheting happily for many months to come!

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